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+ working on large-scale collaboration with choreographer Liz Gerring

+ completed Action 21, a percussion video featuring collaborators from around the world 

+ experimental art rock album completed and released: Jostaberry - Greener Grass 

+ working on chamber music, percussion quartet, and electroacoustic musc 

+ working on piece for Evergreen Experimental Ensemble


+ working on chamber music, experimental pop album, and electroacoustic music. 

+ commission and premiere of Frekvenca Avtohtona for Drumartica + (two percussionists and soprano) at Metabonma in Ljubljana, October


+ working on chamber nonet, percussion quartet, experimental pop album and electroacoustic music (summer).

+ Susan Haines' dance film "a chaonte" (with my electroacoustic work Chaonte from Winding) presented at Fuselage Dance Film Festival (Seattle), 8/18.

+ directed the Microtonal Adventures Festival at WWU (May); included performance of Comminglings and presentations of Maive & Viluxio (electroacoustic works); led panel discussion.

+ led performance of John Zorn's Cobra for Bellingham Chamber Musc Society (April).

+ ESCAPadES premiered and toured by Iktus Duo (flute & peercussion) (winter).

+ Comminglings (woodwind quintet) perfomed by Fifth Inversion at WWU (January).


+ new chamber & electroacoustic album "Lanes" released 12/1 on Spectropol.

+ Comminglings (woodwind quintet) premiered by Fifth Inversion at National Flute Association conference, Minneapolis.

+ "MTM (flying pianos)" (as Skiks) featured on the CD Running on Air: More Than Machine Remixes (Obscure Perspective Recordings, UK).

+ February masterclasses at Conservatory of Strasbourg (France), Music School of Dudelange (Lux), and IMEP (Namur, Belgium).

+ 2/10 premiere of Double Concerto for percussion, concert band & pre-recorded sound by INVERSE Percussion Project and Musique Militaire Grand-Ducale du Luxembourg.

+ 2/3 conducted Earle Brown's Novara with Bellingham Chamber Music Society (Firehouse Performing Arts Center).

+ editing recordings for chamber music album.

+ composing wwodwind quintet for Fifth Inversion & flute/percussion work for Iktus Duo.


+ completed Double Concerto for Luxembourg premiere in Feb.

+ "Attractors" performed at Arkansas State University, 12/1.

+ woodwind quintet commissioned by Fifth Inversion.

+ "Maive" (electroacoustic) premiered at UnTwelve Microtonal Camp, 8/28.

+ Performances with "How Space Turns" exhibit - an electroacoustic collaboration with choreographer Susan Haines, dancers, and international sculpture artists at Western Gallery (WWU); 3/10, 4/16, 5/14.

+ electroaoustic collaboration with installation artist Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir (Iceland) as part of "How Space Turns" exhibit, Western Gallery.

+ Susan Haines' dance film "a chaonte" (with my electroacoustic work Chaonte from Winding) presented at Braga International Video Dance Festival (Portugal), Open Art Short Film Festival, Dusseldorf, and Belligham Music Film Festival

+ "Four Pieces" for mixed quintet premiered by Bellingham Chamber Music Society, 1/28, make.shift (Bellingham); recorded by BCMS in spring.

+ "Attractors" performed at Montana State University, 1/24.

Fall 2015

+ "Four Pieces" for mixed quintet completed (for B'ham Chamber Music Society)

+ "munk punq tezilo" performed at Klub CD, 12/21 (Ljubljana)

+ full-length album "Winding" (selected ambient music from 2009-2012) released on Spectropol Records

+ recording "Night Trips" and "munk punq tezilo" in Ljubljana

Summer 2015

+ "elegy (wc)" (acousmatic, from "Winding") presented at International Computer Music Conference, Denton, Texas (September).

+ accepted commission for percussion duo, concert band and electronics for INVERSE Percussion Project and Musique Militaire Grand-Ducale du Luxembourg for 2017.

+ "Night Trips" performed by Drumartica at the Kennedy Center (DC) and other US venues during tour.

+ working on new quintet for Bellingham Chamber Music Society (details forthcoming), as well as two electroacoustic pieces.

+ recording "Attractors" at Merkin Hall in NYC for the chamber album project.

Spring 2015

+ "Hennecker's Ditch Fantasy" presented at SEAMUS National Conference, Virginia Tech.

+ mindmeld performance at Sound Culture Adventures Festival (WWU, Bellingham).

+ received WWU research grant for a chamber music album project (details to emerge).

Fall 2014

+ 11/28: masterclasses with composers and percussionists at Munich Musikhochschule.

+ 11/27: lecture and performances of "Stamino-sosti", "Portals" and "Interzones" at Frankfurt Music School.

+ 11/25: premiere of "munk punq tezilo" (clarinet, sax, accordion, piano, percussion) by KOMPULZ at Festival Sonica (Kino Siska, Ljubljana); also performance of "Portals" & roundtable discussion.

+ 11/24: solo & friends concert at Metelkova in Ljubljana, Slovenia--performed improvisations & presented "Glibs" (electronic, video by Diego Monroy), "Hennecker's Ditch Fantasy" and "Moto" (tape), premiere of "In Between" by Lesley Sommer, a work-in-progress for vibes & computer, and Interzones (played by Simon Klavzar).

+ "Hennecker's Ditch Fantasy" presented at Arts NOW Series (North Carolina State University), 9/30.

Summer 2014

+ "Hennecker's Ditch Fantasy" presented at International Computer Music Conference in Athens, Greece (9/17).

+ composed new quintet for KOMPULZ (Slovenia).

Winter/Spring 2014

+ "Attractors" performed at New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (June).

+ composed "Hennecker's Ditch Fantasy" (text-sound acousmatic) based on poetry written and spoken by Katherine Kilalea for Jude Cowan Motangue's "The News Agents" radio program on Resonance FM (London) in March.

+ performance of "Attractors" at Electronic Music Midwest Invitational mini-festival, Montana State University, 2/22.

Fall 2013

+ DRUMARTICA performances of "Night Trips" during their US tour, including Furman University (SC) and WWU.

+ ambient album "Winding" completed and mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri; release within the next year or two

Spring/Summer 2013

+ Working on electroacoustic, ambient, and pop song projects this summer; more news later...

+ Premiere of "Attractors" for piano, vibraphone and electroacoustic sound by Iktus+ members Denise Fillion and Chris Graham (NYC) at the Chapel Performance Space in Seattle for the Washington Composers Forum TRANSPORT Series (April 25). Subsequent performance at the Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival (April 27).

+ "Night Trips" for marimba, vibes and electroaoustic sound received its premiere February 17 at Frankfurt Music University by DRUMARTICA (formerly Slovenian Percussion Duo), who commissioned the piece, and who will perform the work on their US tour this fall (details to come). Additional performances in April in Slovenia (Ljubljana: Metelkova and Trzin: Marjanca Ručigaj Hall); and at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich in June.

+ microtonal miniature included on 2013 UnTwelve/Vox Novus 60x60 mix; details on presentations may be forthcoming.

+ "ExitiX Novum" for percussion duo and electroaoustic sound (my collaboration with Peter Saleh) was premiered April 17 at Dolan Performance Hall (College of Saint Elizabeth, NJ) by Exit 9 members Peter Saleh and Britton Matthews. The joint work was commissioned by a consortium of over 20 percussionists from 12 states and 2 countries.

+ Mindmeld opened for Carver Audain at WWU March 10 with a set of mostly improvised music for electric guitars and percussion; more recordings are taking place this summer.

+ Electronic track "cadper" released on the Prehistoric Tar Pit Music compilation on the Aural Films netlabel.

december 2012

+ New album of dream-fueled acousmatic tracks (Drams) released on Linear Obsessional Recordings (UK).

+ Six Pieces (acousmatic) presnted at the Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival at the University of Richmond (Nov 2-3).

+ Night Trips (for vibes, marimba & recorded sound) for the Slovenian Percussion Duo is finished! Performance dates to be announced soon.

+ Skiks and Mindmeld tracks included on the Whatcom Weird compilation album on Spectropol (10/31/12).

september 2012

+ Transmolluskyard (remix of Jude Cowan Montague's Giant African Snails) included on News Week Vision (V/A & Jude C.M.) on the Three Legs Duck label.

+ Looking forward to serving as a guest composer at the University of Richmond Electroacoustic Music Festival Nov 2-3.

+ The B Hamilton Mindmeld group enjoyed two lengthy recording sessions this summer from which tracks for eventual releases will be extracted.

+ Night Trips (for vibes, marimba & recorded sound) for the Slovenian Percussion Duo is near completion.

+New full-length electroacoustic album will be released on Linear Obsessional Recordings this fall.

+ The excellent SoundProof ensemble will be performing my miniature 'roofproof' (for violin, viola, trumpet & tape) on tour next month. Details.

+ My miniature 'unk' will be presented at several 60x60 events over the coming year. Details.


may 2012

+ Digital reissue of Resonant Edges on PARMA records! This album of contemporary chamber music Includes my "fly out for cake" (pno/vibe) and "Two Pastorales" (mixed quintet).

+ Another cool video by Diego Monroy for "dronedrift" from mash hits vol. 1

+ The B Hamilton Mindmeld group will return for more structured improv at Make.Shift Art Space (306 Flora St) in Bellingham opening for Chris Cochrane on June 3rd.

+ Skiks track "skree" featured on Head Full of Music Vol. 2 compilation on the the Inner Cinema label.

+ Collaboration track "fig dog 2" with Mark Hamilton included on Axe compilation on Spectropol.

february 2012

+ New video by Diego Monroy (Spain) for "glibs" from mash hits vol. 1

+ "motion stasis" for drum set + electroaoustic music is getting some final touches and will be premiered by Wesley Stephens at the Univ. of Oklahoma on April 1.

+ New ambient/spectral acousmatic track "val" released on a space-themed compilation on Black Circle Records.

+ Heavier work begins on a commission for the Slovenian Percussion Duo.

+ Electronic piece "Eeo" included on an interesting compilation concerned with arpeggios curated by Marco Lucchi.

january 2012

+ New album is out on Spectropol! mash hits vol. 1

+ New drum set + elec work for Wesley Stephens is essentially complete.


december 2011

+ Review of Duopoly (and Possible Worlds) from Fouter & Swick - read here

+ I'm working hard through winter break to finish a drum set & tape piece for Wesley Stephens. More details on the premiere, etc. next month. I'm still negotiating with the excellent Slovenian Percussion Duo for a project in 2012. A mashup album on Spectropol is also just around the corner.

+ Review of Compulse in What's Up! - read here

+ Acousmatic track "dumilay" released on a neat compilation on Ilse Records

november 2011

+ What's Up! Magazine interview - 11 questions

+ Pental (acousmatic) has been released as an EP download by blank space records (Finland).

A review from its premiere at ICMC 2011 in Huddersfield, UK


october 2011

+ The Skiks "electronica" project is back with a 17-track release over at the split-notes netlabel (UK). Compulse (Oct. 2011) is all microtonal, but that should be a secondary consideration to the overall experience. Learn more/download.

"Holy Space Rocket Rally highly futurefied this sounds!" -The Daily Planet

+ A brief take on Compulse from disquiet